Second Wind’ tells the heart wrenching stories of Ruksana, Nanhi Devi and Shabnam. Ruksana was married when she was young, as her family feared that she being crippled would affect chances of marriage in the future. She faced humiliation and endured abuse by her husband, in front of their children, and one day decided it was enough. She went to one of CSR’s Crisis Intervention Centres (CICs) initially to seek help, and today, she is appointed as an assistant counselor there. Nanhi Devi, was abused to such a great degree by her husband that she became handicapped, and would crawl in order to move around. Some women took her to the CIC, which collected money for her operation, and subsequent medical care, and today she’s able to walk on her feet. Shabnam was married when she was 13, and had her first child when she was 14. Her husband tried to poison her when she had contracted tuberculosis. But it was only when he poisoned her young son, subsequently killing him, did she seek divorce. Today she lives with her one surviving son, attends CIC meetings as often as she can, and manages to earn her own money.

The documentary covers not only the life stories of these three women, but it also shows what an important and supportive role which the CICs play. They act as an initial contact point for these women to share their problems with, and then, in case they need to seek police intervention, they act as a bridge between the police and these women. The documentary displays how the CICs provide the distressed women with information about their legal rights, and once they’re on their own, the CICs help them to stand on their own two feet, and become independent- not just in terms of working and earning money, but also becoming stronger individuals.